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Save Coral Reefs is the result of its members’ passion for the ocean combined with the need to put in place efficient actions to protect it.

If the main goal of the organization is to protect marine ecosystems, our team of volunteers and professionals is specifically focused on fixing coral ecosystems and on saving the incredible biodiversity they shelter.

« 75% of the world coral reefs are currently threatened by local and global pressures… If nothing is being done, over 90% of the coral reefs are threatened within 2030 and almost all of them will deasapear by 2050» … «Overfishing activities and the population growth on coastal areas are the most immediate and direct risks which both threat over 60% of the coral reefs of the world».

(Extracts from: Reefs at Risk Revisited, February 23, 2011;
report published by : PNUE-WorldConservation Monitoring Center;
World Resources Institute; Nature Conservancy; le WorldFish Center;
International Coral Reef Action Network, Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network).

Conclusions of this global analysis on the current state of corals on our planet summarize the urgency of the situation. It is in this context that Save Coral Reefs acts and tries to bring together as many people as possible to a common will which is to preserve this wonderful natural heritage.

To do so, our non-profit organization is looking for founds and volunteers to build artificial reefs on which corals  will be transplanted. Thanks to this technique, it is possible to fix or create full-fledged coral reefs. However, we need your support!

In order to learn about what has already be done, how we did it, where we wish to do it again and how you can help us, we invite you to visit our website. Welcome to Save Coral Reefs!


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