Who we are


A Coral Reef is like a submarine city full of life, where buildings would be made of coral and residents would be fish, shellfish and other marine organisms.

Fish, just like human beings, need housing to set up somewhere on a permanent basis. In addition, such as trees which need a fertile land to grow up, corals also need a support of quality in order to set and develop sustainably.

Save Coral Reefs’ team of volunteers restores, designs and installs the necessary housing for a good development of a real coral ecosystem. Save Coral Reefs is in a global and participative approach. The local community is involved and the ecosystems interacting with coral reefs are taken in consideration such as mangrove forests and seagrass beds. As a result, we can create true Eden’s Gardens in the middle of submarine sandy seabed deserts, or bring back to life reef areas that have partially or totally been deteriorated.

Thanks to its devoted and proficient team, Save Coral Reefs sensibilizes and applies the latest researches in Marine Biology and Reef Ecology in order to propose an efficient solution to mitigate the negative impact from the increase of human activities on coral reefs.

How we do it