Hello Coral Reefs Savers!


Save Coral Reefs is glad to announce the lunch of its new web site.
This lattes version clearly lays out the association’s means and goals.

Threw out each section, viewers are able to learn about SCR ethics, who we are, what we do, how you can get involved and take part of the coral protection.

Save Coral Reefs’ new Home page allows an easier interaction between SCR, members and viewers. The newsletter keeps you up with SCR latest activities. The future projects are clearly pointed out threw animated frames.

Furthermore, the home page invites all volunteers and members to come and participate to SCR actions. Beach cleaning, mangrove and seagrass planting, local community awareness and of course coral reef restoration are just some of the different way used by SCR to protect the coral ecosystem.

The efficiency of SCR actions is you. We need as many volunteers and members as possible in order to increase SRC activities and reliability.

So please fill free to visit Save Coral Reefs’ new web site and take part of this incredible adventure by signing up as members and donating.