Join Us!

Save Coral Reefs is a young association that seeks to expand fast. That’s the reason why we warmly welcome anybody capable of helping us in any way.

Save Coral Reefs proposes to support one of the following projects:

  • Realization of a new coral park in Koh Mak                                                                                 Support Project

  • Extension of the coral park in Koh Tao                                                                                        Support Project

By taking part of these projects, you confirm your commitment for the protection of coral reefs. You will get informed about the project progress and Save Coral Reefs will soon present partner companies on its website.

You can also Become a Member of Save Coral Reefs and receive our News Letter letting you know all about our lasts updates. You can also take integral part in one of Save Coral Reefs actions by Volunteering or Donating in order to support a future project.