CRC reef modules 33 months after coral transplantation (OUYGBON IK

As individual

You can support the actions of Save Coral Reefs with a contribution to the financing of every project. Every donation in favor of Save Coral Reefs grants a tax reduction. Donations entitle you to a tax reduction of about 66% of the total amount (limit to 20% of the taxable income). When the total donations during one year exceed 20% of the taxable income, it is reported to the following years (until the 5th included) with the same condition of tax reduction. More info at (french).

As a company

You will act in concrete terms for the protection and repopulation of coral reefs. You will involve worker, supplier and customer in this purpose.The commitment to Save Coral Reefs allows you to federate your employees around a common project, to make your customer aware of environmental responsibility and to imply your supplier in this project.

Thanks to a partnership with Save Coral Reefs:

  • You raise your brand image in France or worldwide
  • Promote the company ethical and ecological commitment to your customer and general public.
  • You benefit from a maximal fiscal deduction.
  • Your company will benefit from a tax reduction of about 60% of the total amount of the donation (limited to 0.5% of the total sales). The deduction can be reported to the next five fiscal years if it exceeds 0.5% of the total sales.
  • You can make sure of the impact of your commitment. We undertake to communicate precise information about the project progress (activity report, financial result, pictures…etc)

For more information, please contact Thomas Auger: