Save Coral Reefs

The association Save Coral Reefs is a non-profit organisation, law of 1901, with objectives being to protect, preserve, and reestablish reef ecosystems by using coral propagation techniques and by installing artificial reefs.

Save Coral Reefs has been created on November 26, 2010 at Gex sous-prefecture, and has its head office in: 4 rue Saint Lô, 64140 Billère, FRANCE.

DILA references

Insertion published in: journal officiel associations n°0006
Date : 05/02/2011
Publication n° : 00004
N° RNA : W013000638

Office members

President: Mr Cyril BERTON, Physics’ teacher in engineer school in Fribourg; Swiss nationality.

Secretary: Ms Elodie GERNIER, Executive Secretary of Mr. the Ambassador of Turkey in Geneva; French nationality.

Treasurer: Mr Johnatan HANSELMANN, Specialised Educator, Belgian – Swiss nationality.